Pine Creek Cookhouse — Aspen’s Romantic Winter Wonderland

Watch the Alpenglow on high valley walls as you sample fine foods by a roaring fire with someone you love. Sound like a good way to spend Valentines Day this year? You can have that and more at the legendary Pine Creek Cookhouse just a few miles outside Aspen in what has become a mountain vacation tradition for many.

The best part about your Pine Creek Cookhouse experience is that the journey there is as good as the destination. Stopping at the foot of the majestic Elk Range, the road to Pine Creek Cookhouse leads you to the old ghost town of Ashcroft, where you’ll park and choose your route into the back country and to the restaurant.

If you feel strong and adventurous, you can cover the miles by snowshoe or ski across the more than 600 acres of valley touring. You can rent all the gear you need from the friendly folks at Ashcroft Ski Touring, and make your way to the restaurant by navigating well-marked trails and following a detailed map.

But for others it’s “over the river and through the woods” in an open sleigh pulled by an impressive team of dray horses. It’s a fun and romantic throwback to another time, and a great way to experience some incredible scenery in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Then there’s the food. Private dining nooks at fireside in this stunning high mountain lodge set the stage for an incredible dining experience, heavy on local specialties such as elk and rainbow trout.

Lunch is served daily from 11:45 and 1:45 and dinner from 6:30 p.m. Learn all you need to know and make your reservation at – 970-925-1044.

Not going to be able make it to Aspen / Snowmass in time for Valentine’s Day? Stay tuned for our upcoming Aspen Spring Break Vacation post coming your way shortly!