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Private Chefs & Catering Services

Private Chefs and Catering Services

A professional private chef usually lives with the family, visits with the client each day and prepares meals as needed. We’re talking about personal chefs for hire who have more than one client they visit regularly during the week. A personal chef is ideal for cooking for families, or catering lunches and dinners for business or organization corporations and families renting a home in the Aspen or Snowmass area.

Our chefs visit your vacation home and prepare gourmet meals according to a pre-arranged plan, around your favorite foods. Chefs prepare foods according to special dietary needs, and often use locally available foods. The chef and team do everything from planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, catering dinner parties, clearing dishes, and storing food. When prepared items are to be eaten later, instructions for reheating and serving the food will also be given.

To have a great experience with your chef, here are some suggestions to assist you in hiring a chef that fully meets your needs. Interview the chef on the phone before your visit and exchange some menus and ideas about the foods you like and how you like them prepared and served. Have the chef prepare some sample menus. Discuss culinary preferences, dietary needs and restrictions if anyone in your group has special needs.

Ask about how the chef charges. Understand that a chef with certifications or professional affiliations may charge more but that doesn’t mean they are better in the kitchen. Certified chefs have had food handling and safety training and have met certain standards which may or may not be important to you. While some are ok with a self-trained chef, others will require a chef with professional training. This is something to discuss on the interview. Accidents do happen and they happen in kitchens more often than other places in the home. We’re big advocates for carrying appropriate insurance and recommend only hiring chefs with personal liability insurance in case of an accident.

Request references from private chefs and contact them before making a decision. Ask the references their opinions about the food prepared and their ability to follow directions, and their personality and interactions with guests and family members, and especially children if they are in the group. Most chefs will require a signed agreement and we recommend this, after careful research, to make sure you have the best personal chef secured for your vacation.

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