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Travel & Property Damage Insurance

Travel Insurance – Damage Insurance

We Strongly Urge You to Consider Purchasing Insurance When Planning Your Aspen or Snowmass Vacation.

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Between getting sick or losing your bags, a number of unexpected problems can occur on your holiday or vacation. Travel insurance helps protect you against delays, interruptions, cancellations, baggage problems, and medical problems. While other policies may or may not cover all of these, travel insurance tends to be more comprehensive, covering all of these in one policy. We have reviewed various options to find the ones that are most appropriate for travelers to Aspen who are renting luxury vacation rentals.

The cheapest packages cover death and illness. Deluxe packages cover trip cancellation for a variety of unforeseen reasons such as break up of a marriage, having an unplanned pregnancy or being laid off from your job. There are extended sports medical policies for adventure trips some people get but most people coming to Aspen don’t need this. The costs of plans are priced based on the duration of stay, your age, and the destination (Aspen, Colorado). It’s difficult to estimate the cost of total coverage because there are so many options.


Insurance protects you if you are forced to delay, cancel or interrupt your trip. Valid reasons for starting your trip and then cutting it short include bad weather, a business shutting down, your sickness, or the illness of someone on the trip, or the death or illness of someone in your family (even if they aren’t going on the trip). A business shutting down would be if a tour company you booked shut down and you lost deposit money. Insurance can also cover costs incurred by delayed flights. If you have to shorten or delay you could be reimbursed for the part of the trip you miss. Of course, you need read the fine print on the contract to make sure what you’re buying is what you want and need. For example, some plans pay deposits for lodging and outings you have pre- paid while other plans will only pay for a plane ticket home if your vacation is cut short.

Most travel insurance plans have medical and dental coverage for emergency health care but there are limits. Medical and dental coverage, included in most package insurance plans, will pay for any emergency health care up to a certain limit. As with all insurance, higher deductible plans lower the amount you pay for the insurance.

Medical evacuations may also be covered if, for some reason, Aspen Valley Hospital is not able to address your problem. Many health insurance plans cover these types of problems, as well.

Most policies cover baggage delayed more than 24 hours or if it is lost or damaged. Some plans don’t cover certain things like jewelry or electronics so read the fine print carefully. Some policies cover children traveling with adults and other policies do not. Keep good records if you think you have a claim.


Accidents happen, but damage to your rental home can be covered when they do. Aspen Luxury Vacation Rentals offers $99 rental protection insurance that covers up to $5,000 of damage to any property you rent with us.

More Coverage, Less Hassle

  • Increase Renter Confidence
  • Guest may be more willing to report damage knowing accidents can be covered.
  • Receive Greater Protection
  • Fast and Easy Claims
  • Online claims processing starts within 24 hours of receipt of claim form and documentation.
  • No Cost to Owners
  • Add small plan cost to total rental amount paid by renter.
  • Pet Friendly

Damage from pets is included for pet-friendly rentals.

Property Damage Protection plan is an insurance product designed for guest purchase only. As an owner you may suggest this plan to your guests to help protect them from paying out of pocket for accidental damages caused to your rental or belongings during their stay.

The Property Damage Protection plan is provided through the Aspen Agency Inc. and administered by CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services. Please contact CSA for any questions regarding pricing, coverage, limitations or exclusions.

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