So he dropped to one knee, looked up and popped the question. Rings were exchanged, followed by lots of crying and excitement over the phone. Then you go right into the nitty-gritty of “Who? What? Where? When?” It’s time for a wedding!

But don’t let that “Who? What? Where? When?” take the fun out of it all.

If you’re planning an Aspen wedding, especially on private property, be sure you’ve got a good, local wedding event organizer on your side. It’s more than just a day-of event planner, but a coordinator who brings the best vendors and knows the challenges of a stand-alone, one-time, private venue.

Where do you put that 90-foot X 90-foot tent on the right piece of flat ground? What are the local noise ordinances? How about parking? These are the questions that can throw a monkey wrench into your important moment.

If you’re working with an agency that doesn’t specialize in private parties and events, or if you go it alone, you can incur lots of unnecessary cost and hassle. Vendor hunting is time consuming and complicated, and you pile on cost when there is any miscommunication, vendors working at cross-purposes, or the whole effort is not coordinated. At Aspen Luxury Vacation Rentals, wedding receptions, private parties and events are our specialty.

We have a list of preferred vendors, know the ins and outs of local ordinances, and can anticipate any eventuality.And it is with an eye always to the sanctity of your special day that we set you up for success, arranging everything from luxury accommodations for guests to just the right temperature for the champagne. With the Beauty of the Rocky Mountains as our canvas, we will create a perfect memory – leave your Aspen wedding in our hands and let the celebration begin!

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